About Us

Stanton Jrs. is the local affiliate of USA Volleyball and the JVA (Junior Volleyball Ass'n). These are both nation-wide organizations dedicated to promoting the game of volleyball at the youth and high school level. The club volleyball season is played during late winter and into the spring.

Our club normally participates from about March 1st through the end of April. During this 8 to 9 week period, our teams will play in four or five tournaments in other towns. We will also sponsor our own tournament in March. 

Tournaments are sanctioned and insured by Great Plains Volleyball or JVA, which set the rules, train and preform background checks on coaches and all other adults who work with the kids. Great Plains is the major governing body for Nebraska club volleyball.  In both USAV and JVA, teams are organized and designated by age group. Older players cannot play on younger teams unless waivered by the governing organization office. Younger players can - and frequently do - play up on older teams.

Tournaments for players 14 and younger are usually held on Saturdays while older divisions (15, 16, 17) are played on Sundays.

In terms of other time commitment, we usually practice one evening a week - typically 6 to 7:30 PM.  The cost has been held steady for the past several years at $130 to $150 for the season.  That price includes all necessary registration fees and the security deposit on a club uniform jersey.


There are no events at this time.